Wishbone Trust

The New Zealand Wishbone Trust was set up in 1993 and is run by a board which meets annually.  

Wishbone Trust Grant Application form

Wishbone Trust Grants

The Wishbone Trust purposes
  • To promote research in various aspects of Orthopaedic surgery.
  • To promote and improve the Orthopaedic services available to the people of New Zealand.
  • To establish and provide facilities, projects, schemes and resources for research into all aspects of Orthopaedic surgery generally.
  • To research and establish programmes and services either in or outside hospitals or medical schools or other medical facilities for Orthopaedic surgery generally.
  • To deal and collaborate with Health Boards or other Departments of Government and Local Authorities and any other medical institutions, incorporations and Societies or body in relation to a  project, scheme or other matter or thing in New Zealand or overseas which may be calculated to promote research in Orthopaedic surgery in New Zealand.
  • To raise funds through sponsorship, fundraising, donations, contractual arrangements or other means whatsoever for the purposes of supporting and promoting the foregoing objects and purposes.
  • To employ, train and create work opportunities for researchers, lecturers, tutors or teachers and other suitably qualified persons having or wishing to acquire the necessary expertise to teach and research and provide any service whatsoever in relation to the foregoing objects and purposes.
  • To carry on any other charitable object capable of being conveniently or appropriately carried on in connection with the foregoing objects or calculated directly or indirectly to advance any of the objects and purposes of the Trust generally.