Hand and Upper Limb Fellowship Opportunity at CAMSUP, Chambéry Challes-les-Eaux, France

CAMSUP (Centre Alpin de la main et du membre supérieur - Hand and Upper Limb Alpine Center) is an organisation consisting of 6 Upper Limb Surgeons and five Sport Medicine Doctors located in Chambéry Challes-les-Eaux in the French Alps. 

They are offering a 6 - 12 months Fellowship for a graduated registrar with special interest in Hand and Upper Limb surgery.  The Fellowship will commence on 2 November 2022 or 2 January 2023.

Clinics and operating theatres are undertaken in Médipôle de Savoie, a modern private building where nearly all the surgical specialties are represented.

The Fellow will assist in clinics and in the operating room under the supervision of a Senior Surgeon. There is no on call or weekend work

Elective surgery includes all current operations of the Hand (Trapezo Metacarpal Arthroplasties), Wrist (Wrist Partial or Total Arthroplasties) and Elbow and Shoulder.  Rotator Cuff Reinsertion, Latarjet procedures and Total Shoulder Arthroplasties are highly represented.  Emergency surgery includes all Upper Limb trauma surgery and represent more than 50% of the program in winter. The private hospital is situated at the confluence of the major ski valleys of France.

The salary is 1400 euros/month. A mid-day meal is included with the best chefs of the health institutions in the area.  Accommodation is not included.

Send your application to: 
Dr Philippe de mourgues 
Médipôle de Savoie 
73190 Challes les eaux