NZOA Council Profile

NZOA Structure

An annually elected President governs the NZOA together with a Council comprising elected members who hold office for up to four years. The NZOA employs a Chief Executive and has its national office in Wellington. Our list of office bearers for 2016/2017 are shown below.
Mr Richard Keddell
Past President
Prof. Jean-Claude Theis
First President Elect
Mr Richard Street
Second President Elect
Mr Rod Maxwell
Honorary Secretary
Mr Andrew Oakley
Honorary Secretary Elect
Mr Perry Turner
Honorary Treasurer
Mr Stewart Walsh
Honorary Treasurer Elect
Mr Antony Field
Elected Councillors
Mr Bruce Hodgson
Mr Sud Rao
Mr Julian Stoddart
Rural Surgeons Representative
Mr David Templeton

Co-opted Members

Education Committee Chair
Mr Simon Hadlow
Editorial Secretary
Mr Mike Barnes
Chairman CPD and Standards Committee
Mr Edward Yee
Orthopaedic Representative - RACS
Mr Greg Witherow
Orthopaedic Assessor – Training Committee
Mr Dawson Muir
PvP Committee
Mr Rod Maxwell
Workforce Committee
Mr Brett Krause
Orthopaedic Surgeon on the NZ Artificial Limb Services Board
Associate Professor Alan Thurston
Associate Professor Alan Thurston
Chief Executive
Andrea Pettett

Dates for NZOA Council Meetings  2017

3 March Face to Face, Wellington
9 May Teleconference
10/11 July Fact to Face, Queenstown
12 September Teleconference
15 October Face to Face, Auckland
1 December Face to Face, Wellington