Along For The Ride With Dawson Muir...

Timber Trail Adventurers

The Wishbone Relay Timber Trail has a registration cut off date approaching fast.
(7 November just after the NZOA ASM wraps up)  The local provider is currently holding rooms for us, but after the 7th they need to release any not reserved.

Tauranga orthopod & infrequent rider Dawson has done the Timber Trail twice already 
- here are some of his photos & thoughts...

The Timber Trail in the Pureora Forest is one of NZ’s best two day mountain bike trips.
It's a great grade 2-3 track that is still a challenge to ride if your companions are all on
e-bikes or Para- Olympian track cyclists. (as on my first trip)

The second time I rode it was more leisurely and with several families with a wide range of abilities & ages.

The forest is truly spectacular virgin forest with fun swing bridges to ride with magnificent views. (there's 35 bridges, including eight large suspension bridges.)


The track is completely manageable for even infrequent riders.
There's some fun down hills which can be attacked at pace 
- or cruised without any undue stress.


The lodge is warm, comfortable and has good food and a range of beverages.  

It is a great adventure for families – So get off your chuff and sign up.

Both times I rode the Trail were in the shoulder season with some rain so you're less likely to have muddy sections during the Wishbone trip.  Even if there is some rain, it is very manageable, still beautiful and makes the lodge even more enjoyable.
Also, never forget – there is no such thing as bad weather with adequate clothing.

Lack of internet coverage is the best feature if bringing children.

This is my son pretending to be shorter than me …
he's now over 6ft, so can’t even crouch low enough to pretend.

The Wishbone Relay Timber Trail leg has been arranged for a weekend so it's easier to fit in.

You’ll love it! 
Prue Elwood has promised to dust off her Raleigh 16 with a chopper flag if a few trainees get on board... rise to the challenge & sign up asap at the Relay website.