Congratulations to the new class of 2024, the NZOA recently selected:

Erynne Scherf, Jess Lynch-Larkin, Vik Gupta, Will Caughey, Chynna Gleeson, Luca Killick, Mike English, Kat Sim, Zoe Wells, Darina Gilroy, Martin Coia Jadresic, Anna McDonald, Jess Leary, Patrick Bekhit, Sophie Wilton, Abby Heath, Gina Kioa, Cherrelle George and Kenrick Rosser.  Alex Boyle was also selected but has deferred to start in 2025.

Employers continue to get themselves into avoidable difficulties by not following good systems when it comes to employee records and handling disciplinary matters.

Alan Knowsley from Rainey Collins Lawyers has identified three recent cases that serve as good examples of regular employer mistakes.