NZOA Joint Registry

In 1997 the NZOA established a national hip and knee register based in the orthopaedic department at Christchurch Hospital and directed by Professor Alastair Rothwell (Chairman and Registry Supervisor). This initiative marked 30 years of joint arthroplasty in New Zealand and it was also recognised that there was a real need to collect data on implants to aid early identification of poorly performing implants, inform progress and track patient outcomes.

In 2000 data collection was expanded to include total hip replacements for fractured neck of femur, unicompartmental replacements for knees, and total joint replacements for ankles, elbows and shoulders.  The Registry's Annual Reports can be read here.

You can download the Data Release Form in word doc format  HEREThe patient consent and the theatre forms can be downloaded HERE.

Photo of Knee Joint