Services & Overview

The NZOA offers membership options for our orthopaedic professionals from training through to retirement.

As a member you can connect to your peers through the members only content & colleague contact details, plus enjoy access to external resource subscriptions. You’ll have access to the NZOA CPD, PVP, NZJR and blog sites along with the full orthopaedic events & meeting calendar - and if you’re not browsing the website regularly, we’ll keep you up to date via fortnightly newsletters & emails for important news/events.

If you need support or wish to raise an issue, NZOA can advocate & mediate.  To find out more about member benefits or any other area featured on the NZOA website email

You can pay your membership or another NZOA invoice via internet banking or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).
Please note for credit card payments the merchant banking fee of 3.45% will automatically be added to your payment.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we're moving away from a paper based invoicing system this year  - more details on that coming soon.

To claim a reimbursement from NZOA you will need to:
a) Complete the Expense Claim form in Excel or print as a PDF.
b) Attach all receipts to the completed claim form (including copies of Air Tickets if applicable) and email to :
c) Provide a GST invoice or receipt for items over $50.00.
d) Please ensure your bank account number is shown on the expense claim form – all reimbursements are made by electronic banking
e) Sign and date the form

If you have any NZOA financial queries, please email: or phone Louise on 04 913 9894