Robert Jones

Manchester Ship Canal 1889

In 1887 the Manchester Ship Canal Company anticipated that there would be a large number of construction casualties on their project & engaged Robert Jones in a part time role to manage any medical aspects needed. Jones was a practicing surgeon from a Welsh family that for generations had practiced as bone setters.
He did such a good job the Manchester Ship Canal Company that with WW I resulting in huge numbers of casualties, he was asked to plan & set up the structure of the British armed forces medical services.

Jones was an early adopter of radiography as an essential tool for diagnosis, and the eponymous Jones fracture is named for him.

In 1917 the NZ government requested that NZ surgeons in England at that time be given the opportunity to train under Jones.

Colonel David Storer Wylie was asked to select 5 surgeons to join him & be trained by Jones. When these 6 men; Wylie, White, Mill, Ulrich, Wallis & Gower returned to NZ ( to establish first military & then later civilian practices ) they were NZ’s first orthopaedic surgeons after Herz’s departure.

Paraphrased from Colin Hookers "Orthopaedics In New Zealand" - You can purchase a copy of the book by contacting