Step 1 - Pre-Requisites | Personal Information

Applications to the NZOA SET Programme are open from Wednesday 2 March 2022.  All access to new or incomplete applications will close on 30 March 2022 at 2.00pm NZDT (12.00pm AEDT).  No complete or incomplete applications will be accepted after this time.

Ensure you have given yourself enough time to complete all the steps required for this application.  By submitting this initial application form it confirms that you have read and understood the  

Each Step of this application must be completed in one session, ensure you submit after completion of each Step.  You will need to have all documents on hand and enough time to complete this Step.

To complete this Step you will need the following documents (PDF or jpeg):

  • A recent photo of yourself (jpeg)
  • Current Passport - personal detail page (jpeg)
  • Residency documentation (photo page of your passport; birth certificate; residency status, citizenship certificate) (jpg)
  • RMO Unit/Hospital/employer administration letter/s with dates and durations as evidence of a qualifying Orthopaedic run/s (pdf)
  • RMO Unit/Hospital/employer administration letter with dates and durations as evidence of a qualifying Emergency Department run (pdf)
  • Proof of Generic Surgical Science Exam (GSSE) result (pdf)

Take care when filling out all Steps in this application to ensure they are accurate. 

Note: Enter your employer details as the hospital you are currently working in, do not enter the DHB name only i.e. Wellington Hospital and not Capital Coast