Wishbone Relay: Banks Peninsula Walk


26-29 January
Insights by Perry + Roy, photos by all

L-R: Perry, Irene, Hamish the botanist Leslie (an uncanny knowledge of all things leafy), Mike the chef Barnes (all the food and a firm theoretical knowledge of how to cook it), Anna (AD), Josie, Roy the whittler Craig (give him a knife and some wood - magic happens), Dinia (a rare photo), Dawson the explorer Muir (never a moment of rest - drive and enthusiasm untamed), Ian the organiser Galley (this man takes ideas and quietly molds them into reality), Tim Shuttlecock Gregg (with a mean badminton forehand smash), Jacqui, and Khalid the storyteller Mohammed (always a captivating story at hand).

What a spectacular trip only 90 mins drive from Central Christchurch! After a day exploring the French feeling of Akaroa, we were dropped at the trampers hut on Ōnuku Farm for our first night.

We pooled resources & enjoyed a shared dinner with a Mediterranean salad courtesy of Tim Gregg and some sausages cooked by Dawson (supplied by Mike) with incredible views over Akaroa and the Harbour. Kereru, Tui, Piwakawaka, and Korimako were everywhere.

Day 2 was a hard morning of walking up a steep farmland track in very very strong winds. 
Jacqui though that without her pack on, she may have gotten blown off the mountain.



The trig saddle is the perfect spot to catch your breath & admire 360 degree views.
Then it's a descent into Flea Bay through lush forest with bonus waterfalls.


Relaxing on a beautiful sunny and warm evening.


We had a Blue Penguin tour with the local farmer ... a bit of local history and a lot of local charm.


A sunrise worth getting up for... 

Then we hit the trail for Stony Bay.

Day 3 we walked along the magnificent cliffs. 



Time for a break at a shack built into the cliffs by sealers.


Arriving into the amazing Stony Bay accommodation was like arriving into Hobbiton.



Without wifi access - everyone took to cooking, craft and sport.
There was badminton and outdoor snooker...


Roy whittled several pipes using eucalyptus nuts...

Tim repaired his jandal with flax...

...and the quirky architecture plus outdoor bath were hits.

Day 4 was our long walk home: out through native bush then up and over the top in cold and drizzly weather, but the sun came out as we descended back into Akaroa.


An absolutely fantastic trip that's perfect for friends/family groups not wanting to carry much luggage & preferring a solid roof. As with on other Relay legs, spending time with people in a non-clinical setting was mentioned as being really valuable.




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