NZOA Registrar Paper Day 2024

Winner Nick Jones

Congratulations to the Winner and Highly Commended Registrars from the NZOA Registrar Paper Day 2024, held at North Shore Hospital in Auckland on Thursday 4 April 2024.

Overall winner was Dr Nick Jones from Hutt Hospital in Wellington who presented "What you wear matters: how lead gown design affects radiation exposure to the orthopaedic surgeon".  The research idea came from Nick who designed the project, collected the data and wrote it up, he had the assistance from some colleagues from radiology and a physicist. Nick Jones 2024 PD Abstract.pdf

Highly Commended were: Dr Jack Hanlon, Dr Stephen Bayley and Dr Reece Joseph

Stephen Bayley 2024 PD Abstract.pdf 

Stephen presented 'A novel design for a continuous passive movement machine for use in hand physiotherapy'.  Stephen designed the CPM machine and produced it over a two year period.  Some freelance help was brought in to transfer the code to a phone application.











Jack Hanlon 2024 PD Abstract.pdf 

Jack presented 'Does a screw from Bunnings perform better than standard orthopaedic screws - Torque required for Drive or Recess failure in common orthopaedic and household screws'.  Jack created the study concept and design along with a jig with the help of a mechanical engineer.  A spine surgeon was brought in to perform the investigations using the jig.



Reece Joseph 2024 PD Abstract.pdf 

Reece presented 'Paediatric acute haematogenous osteomyelitis: Identification of bacterial genes and phenotype that predispose to adverse health outcomes'.  Reece completed this study as part of his PhD, was the lead surgeon for the animal operations and laboratory assays.